Monday, January 17, 2011

Things coming together!

Today, I am feeling a little less overwhelmed about the entire wedding.  Sunday I spent the afternoon with my mother at a local bridal show, and suddenly all my ideas seemed to be coming together--at least, as much as they can without actually setting anything in stone.  I found these adorable beach chair invitations --  at a local vendor, and after coming home I also found them (for a much better price, I may add) on a website.  Upon searching, I also discovered "message in a bottle" invitations with sand, seashells, etc. in the bottles-has anyone ever heard of/seen these?  I'd love to see them in person, but from what I can tell they may possibly be a feasable dyi invitation idea.  Also, our reception/beach house dilemma seems to be going much better today-several emails from gulf front homes that have NO problems with having a wedding there (you would not BELIEVE how hard that is to find!).  I am extremely excited about my wedding, and at the current moment I am not feeling such a feeling of DREAD that has been overwhelming me over the past week. YAY!

Also, (saw lots of things I DESPISED) I saw a couple of cute little things at the fashion show exhibit at the bridal show-- How does everyone feel about birdcage veils?  I myself am slowly becoming a fan..... (mother hates them, and says Jackie O is not exactly what she wants me to look back and see twenty years from now.)  I love the ones similar to this-- The Birdcage Veil, by Flo & Percy

Okay, so this one is more of a pill box type, but hey, I love ANYTHING vintage.  And I mean ANYTHING.

So, as I'm hoping to get more followers, I hope you ladies can tell me what you think about some of these things... oh, one more important thing.  I am an extraordinarily undecisive bride.  I love many things, but it is hard for me to pinpoint something and say that is IT. ... Perhaps it is because I work in a bridal shop, have I mentioned this?  I see SOOO many different things, it is just incredibly difficult for me to pick exactly what I want for myself.  With that said, I believe I decided on a gown I'd like to order today, and I would love any input anyone could add-- LIKE? LOVE? HATE?? I've tried on a smaller size than I need (perhaps I'll need that size by the wedding--planning on going on a diet similar to water and tree bark soon :) ) and the gown really feels lightweight (its organza)  enough for a beach wedding.  So... drum roll please..

Organza, and the rosette type pattern on the skirt has small scattered rhinestone/bead detail that is a little hard to visualize in the picture....  Also, I plan on doing either a turquoise or aqua sash.

What do you guys think???


  1. The dress is pretty and I love the organza. The most important thing is how you feel in it though. so if it makes you feel amazing, I think its a great choice!

  2. That dress does look very pretty! If you think it's great and you feel great in it, it's def. a good option!

    I would consider myself an indecisive bride as well. But I've learned that I may not know exactly WHAT I want..but I am able to tell what I DON'T want and over time once I established an overall idea of how I want my wedding to look, it became easier and easier to decide on things. So trust me..deciding will get easier as you narrow down your options.