Saturday, January 22, 2011

THE dress!

So, as indecisive as I am, a couple of days after my last post, I came across a dress I felt would better suit my wedding needs...

Oleg Cassini: ct326 wedding dress

I am very excited about finally making "the" purchase!!!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Things coming together!

Today, I am feeling a little less overwhelmed about the entire wedding.  Sunday I spent the afternoon with my mother at a local bridal show, and suddenly all my ideas seemed to be coming together--at least, as much as they can without actually setting anything in stone.  I found these adorable beach chair invitations --  at a local vendor, and after coming home I also found them (for a much better price, I may add) on a website.  Upon searching, I also discovered "message in a bottle" invitations with sand, seashells, etc. in the bottles-has anyone ever heard of/seen these?  I'd love to see them in person, but from what I can tell they may possibly be a feasable dyi invitation idea.  Also, our reception/beach house dilemma seems to be going much better today-several emails from gulf front homes that have NO problems with having a wedding there (you would not BELIEVE how hard that is to find!).  I am extremely excited about my wedding, and at the current moment I am not feeling such a feeling of DREAD that has been overwhelming me over the past week. YAY!

Also, (saw lots of things I DESPISED) I saw a couple of cute little things at the fashion show exhibit at the bridal show-- How does everyone feel about birdcage veils?  I myself am slowly becoming a fan..... (mother hates them, and says Jackie O is not exactly what she wants me to look back and see twenty years from now.)  I love the ones similar to this-- The Birdcage Veil, by Flo & Percy

Okay, so this one is more of a pill box type, but hey, I love ANYTHING vintage.  And I mean ANYTHING.

So, as I'm hoping to get more followers, I hope you ladies can tell me what you think about some of these things... oh, one more important thing.  I am an extraordinarily undecisive bride.  I love many things, but it is hard for me to pinpoint something and say that is IT. ... Perhaps it is because I work in a bridal shop, have I mentioned this?  I see SOOO many different things, it is just incredibly difficult for me to pick exactly what I want for myself.  With that said, I believe I decided on a gown I'd like to order today, and I would love any input anyone could add-- LIKE? LOVE? HATE?? I've tried on a smaller size than I need (perhaps I'll need that size by the wedding--planning on going on a diet similar to water and tree bark soon :) ) and the gown really feels lightweight (its organza)  enough for a beach wedding.  So... drum roll please..

Organza, and the rosette type pattern on the skirt has small scattered rhinestone/bead detail that is a little hard to visualize in the picture....  Also, I plan on doing either a turquoise or aqua sash.

What do you guys think???

Friday, January 14, 2011

Post numero uno.

Hello all you bloggers out there.  I am extremely new to this, and I really don't know what I want my first post to say.  The only thought that keeps popping into my brain is this extraordinarily overwhelming feeling of being Carrie Bradshaw, writing about all her sexcapades and life lessons she and her friends have learned from living in New York city throughout the years.  I, however, am no Carrie Bradshaw.  I live in a quaint town in a small southern state, and the biggest news around here was announced on December 8, 2010: I'm getting married to my boyfriend of 27 months.  It didn't come as a shocker; we'd always talked about it and about how much we hoped for a beach wedding.  Yet, almost 4 months away from our tentative wedding date, we have absolutely nothing done.  We know the general beach locations/towns we are interested in, and we have researched nearly every vacation rental in the area-- was anyone away that most of these ginormous homes that could accommodate any amount of people (especially the measley 30 I wish to invite), do NOT want weddings/receptions on their properties?  To think, we are willing to pay them upwards of 400 dollars a night for a week, and they are too petty to be concerned with a.)bathroom usage, b.)parking, c.) damage to their residence -- my gosh, these guests are all 38+ years old.  Give me a break!  Some have neighborhood associations that get angry with them for having more than 2 vehicles in the driveway.... Hello!! Some of these homes have list prices of 2 million dollars and higher! If I paid that much for a house, I'll be d*mned if they are going to tell me exactly how many cars can park in my driveway or how many guests I am allowed at my house.  Finding a rental home has become probably one of the most stressful things in my life-- add to that the fact that most honeymoon rentals we are willing to pay for and fall in love with want us to be older to rent them- I am only 21 years old.  This is becoming absolutely ridiculous, and to add to the giant plate of let's mess up their lives even more..... I am a licensed practical nurse, just graduated, and absolutely no one wants to hire me.  Lady luck sure did cast a spell on me! Okay that's enough of my bantering about needless information.  Needless to say... something's got to give.

Sincerely yours,
Distressed Bride of 2011.